1. EML Token

The EML Token is a utility token based on Ethereum, which serves as a digital asset that can be used within the EML Commerce Platform, DeFi Platform, and NFT D-Spider Platform ecosystems. The total issuance of EML Token is two billion, which can be obtained through purchasing on digital asset exchanges or exchanging, borrowing, and earning rewards within the EML Network.

The EML Token serves as a fundamental currency for payment and discount application within the EML Commerce Platform, as collateral for the DeFi Platform, and as a means of payment within the D-Spider NFT Platform. In order to maintain payment stability by eliminating the price volatility of EML Token, stable coins can be issued based on EML Token or other collateral.

  1. Token Economy

The core of the EML Token Economy lies in the discount rate application based on the number of EML Token holdings and the EML Platform Ecosystem. The majority of EML members aim to utilize services or purchase products at a lower cost through the EML Platform Ecosystem. By holding EML Token, they can receive additional discounts of up to 30% on service usage fees, thus to continue receiving discounts, continuous possession of EML Token is necessary.

Furthermore, in order to maintain continuous discount rates, if EML Token is used for purchases, the shortage of EML Token must be acquired through purchase on digital asset exchanges or rewards within the EML Network. The value of EML Token within the EML Token Economy will continue to rise, thus it is anticipated that early participants or investors in the EML Network will reap significant benefits.

EML Company will strive for the expansion and value enhancement of the EML Platform Ecosystem, continuously rewarding all participants with the value appreciation of EML Token and providing additional income, ultimately realizing a fair and equitable world where all participants share the value.

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