TrustbridgeX is a safe, fast, and reliable trading platform via smart contract where users can trade freely among themselves, such as trading cryptocurrency to FIAT, dual-tokenization and others just like existing exchanges.

Escrow users at TrustbridgeX can register sell order for tokens that they wish to sell at the platform, which will automatically deposited to TrustbridgeX Escrow, minimizing the risk for buyers not receiving tokens even after making payments while sellers to enjoy added layer of convenience where transaction procedure of transacting tokens from seller’s wallet to buyer’s wallet are automated.

Key Features

Safe Transactions : TrustBridgeX ensures the safety of transactions using blockchain technology and an escrow system. This guarantees that users can trade their assets in a trustworthy environment.

User-Friendly Interface : The platform offers an intuitive and easy-to-use interface, designed to be accessible for users of all levels. Diverse Trading Options : TrustBridgeX supports a variety of digital assets and offers users a range of trading options and tools for effective asset management.

Key Benefits

Efficient Trading Experience : TrustBridgeX ensures a fast execution of trades and excellent performance, providing users with an efficient trading experience.

Reliability and Transparency : The use of blockchain technology ensures transparent transaction records, maintaining the reliability and transparency of all trades.

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